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Prepaid funeral plans in Flintshire

If you are looking for prepaid funeral plans, J.E. Davies & Son Ltd offers an ideal solution. We are based in Flintshire and offer our services throughout the surrounding areas. 

Reduce the burden on your loved ones

A prepaid funeral plan is an ideal way to take care of your funeral expenses. It will also be of great comfort to your grieving family and friends. It will take a weight off their shoulders, to know that you have already taken care of the arrangements on their behalf. If you have already taken the decisions you can reduce a great deal of the pain. 

Why choose 'The Independent Way Funeral Plan'?

The prepaid funeral plan offered by J.E. Davies & Son Ltd is called 'The Independent Way Funeral Plan' and is in association with Golden Charter. Here are a few reasons to choose this plan:
  • The plan allows you to have your account settled
  • Your account is placed in trust
  • Your account can be claimed by your family and friends without delay at the appropriate time
  • Provides peace of mind to you and your family

Expert advice

If you have decided to make arrangements for a prepaid plan and have contacted us, our professional representative will visit you. 

They will provide you with expert advice and also take down your instructions, to make sure that everything is done exactly the way you want. 
Gwasanaeth Cymraeg
When you choose your funeral plan from J.E. Davies & Son Ltd, you don't have to worry about high funeral costs. We are based in Flintshire and offer our services in the surrounding areas.

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